What is Love ?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The name of love is Defined that you and your mind are sensitive to.Love is a way to maintain the balance of our emotions, trust and life.Are you in love too ?

Love is the favorite topic of philosopher, scientist, poet, movie director and writers. It has been going on for centuries, and archaeologists and historians have been describing it. Everyone has their own beliefs about love. Love works to decorate the society's outlook.

If you are also very much attached to someone, you cannot live without anyone, if they go away from you then you do not like anything. If it hurts you feel it. If it is not there then you are also not.

what is love ,what is love questions answer

Mom & Dad Love -If we talk about the best example of love.Love Quotes

Then there can be no better example than mother and father in the world. Mother's name is widely known in the world. The father is considered as the form of God.

So what word would you use for -Love?

  1. The word love is the most beautiful word in the world. Which can happen with both living and non-living things. Yes, it is true that love can be inanimate and alive. Like I love my mobile very much. People say in the language of common language that I love this thing of mine.

WHAT IS THE NAME OF LOVE - What is Love Question.

  1. Love is the name of God.

  2. Love is the name of Respect.

  3. love is the name of Care.

  4. It is also love to help helpless people.

  5. Love is a feeling.

  6. Love is all you need.

  7. Love is art.

  8. Love is a beautiful pain.

  9. Love is a temple.

  10. Love is a temple.

  11. Love is the greatest gift.

  12. Love is the sweetest thing.

  13. Love is heaven.

  14. Love is young.

  15. Love is a link in life.

Love and Mental Thoughts - What is love all about ?

Love is beyond people's consciousness, we use love to be with people, If we want to be connected with someone then love is the Way to Connect Everyone .We are connected to each other through love, we have to be humble and love to teach children. They should behave well in front of them, so that they understand and learn the feelings of love. In his life, he embraces the good values ​​and behaviors of his parents.

So love is the mental consciousness of people which helps us to understand what is right and wrong.

The basic foundation of all things available on earth to keep connected with each other and maintain a mutual relation of all is Love.

Like your Pet Love -

When we see an animal and we like it, we start thinking about it and worry about it, after that they also recognize us, our mutual identity increases. They become our friends. We do not even know that we are connected to him only through love. This is the love we get from animals.

Your pet is your companion, it is love that makes any animal your friend. Among animals, the dog is considered the most loyal and domesticated dog. They consider our feelings better than any other animal.

When he sees us, he tilts his tail and barks at someone else, He loves you the way you love him.

Love is not just a feeling, it is your eternal existence. No matter how much love is expressed, it is found inside you.

The love that we get from attraction - it is shattered, it ends slowly after a while, the love we get from hypnosis gives us just sadness.

Love with happiness - Love with happiness and convenience gives us the ultimate pleasure. This we get throughout our life and this love is a supernatural quota. The name of this love is family, devotion and happiness.

Example, (What is love and life)

if you are kept with your best friend and with a new friend, then you will feel better with your old friend, with a new friend you cannot open your thoughts.Love is just like that when it is new, then you start losing it and the love you already have gives you more pleasure. And then if you give more time with your new friend, then you can get to know him very well. "It is not easy to know about love and life. Love is a feeling that is like the wheel of a life-like car".

So it is not so easy to know about love.

Love at First Sight -

Often people experience love at first sight, but as time passes, people forget it and disappear in disgust. But those who preserve the moment are born companions and their love becomes immortal. And their love is remembered for years and years.

When love hurts, it becomes anger, when it is disturbed it becomes Christian, when it flows it is compassion, and when it blasts it becomes ecstasy.

What is Agape Love,What is it &what it means ?

Agape word means unconditional love -For god so loved the world ,that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life .
Agape loves destroys divorce .Agape loves destroys religious division . Agape love destroys loneliness .Agape love does what god says .Agape love cares about others .The lonely, The LOST, The Hurting ,The Needy ,The Unlovable .

What does the Bible say about Love ?

The Bible says that love is that which reflects a person's good behavior. Like - If someone says that, I love God very much and he hates his old father, Then how did this love happen? If you love God, then you also have to do it with your father.

You have originated from this father on this earth, and you hate him. Father's place is considered higher than God. That is why everyone says first the parents and then the divine. When you hate the divine father,how did this love happen?

Love teaches all animals in the world to behave in the same manner and with the same attitude. This is the priceless definition of love - it is not a matter of anyone to express it in a few words. Love is the hallmark of humanity, equality and secularism. It is not just a matter of human being to express it now.

The place of love goes above religion. Religion also has to kneel before love.

My Subscribers thoughts about Love .

Moed Hassan- A beautiful Connection ,When two beautiful souls meet together .They make time for eachorthers care for eachothers and understanding eachothers feeling and also support eachothers in every situation .

That' what love is.

Sad Mik- Refers to da station when one expresses his/her Felling to somebody he likes mosthen (sadam)

Naeem Amir- Love is a passion kindling heart, brain and sense alike in happy and natural proportions. Aedent but not sensual,tender but sentimental,pure but not ascetic,moral but not puritanic.joyous,but not frivolous,mirthful and witty but not cynical.

What is love ,If you have any idea then contact me through Email -thelovelessonclub@gmail.com .

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