7 Way to Impress Girls .

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Ways to impress girls "No" we are not only talking about the way of impressing girls but also about the way of impressing anyone.

You are going to talk about your personality development and communication skills.

With this, you can also know girls and make a good relationship with new people. If you are hesitant to talk to anyone, want to make a good identity or want to impress anyone, then these tricks will be very helpful for you.

Trick 1-Multi Dimensional Conversationalist -

What does it mean, their minds work in different types, and in different ways.

All these methods mean that they address the ways of the mind very well. Those things are well known. Under this call multiplication .... /

So what does this mean? May I explain,

Now no one will ask a 25-year-old or a 24-year-old girl, who is your best boyfriend if you scan all your previous relationships. What is the most memorable boyfriend angle?

So know what she will say…

That David was my favorite boyfriend. But what was such a special thing in David

Uffff ..... David

David neither talked about sports, talked about athlete. Sometimes he used to laugh then sometimes he became completely serious. Even when he used to talk romantic, sometimes he would say something that would make his heart grow cold.

1. Multi Dimensional Conversationalist

1.Strong but romantic - He is very strong from outside and steps from inside (like chocolate boy).

2. Goofy But Intelligent - Slightly crazy but very intelligent. If they talk about the whole things, they will be able to kar.

3. Good cook, but also sportsman - who is a good cook and is ahead in sports too.

What is the happiness in all three - they are getting 2 types of jaggery.


Figure out your own strength - First of all you should not think about your strength.What is the strength?

If you are a student you should always think about jugaad. Along with that it is necessary to make you a little romantic too. Do you have your strength, do you crack all the jokes? Along with this, you should learn about current affairs, whatever your own strength, do not make a constructing personality. It is very important not to know you completely about these other things.


If you want to impress a girl, talk about your mother, your father,SISTER/BROTHER and your friend or pet, that too with love. Yes - girls are very intelligent. So do not lie to them.


This is the rule of a life which is often found in the minds of women. So many girls believe that if this band loves his mother so much. So it will be very good for the heart, so it will love me equally.

But don't misuse it, don't lie. Really love your mother as much as you love your mother, neither will the world of romance love you. Talk about your pet like a mother and sister and talk about your friends with love.

You must love teamwork. You must love your team a lot. If the girls saw this thing in you, yes dude, he loves his friends very much.

3.Focus on the Area Around the Eyes .

When you are talking to someone, you focus on his eyes. Not on any part of the body. When you are talking to someone, neither should you see the glow of their eyes when that glow comes out. And know when my brother's eyes shine in other people? When you are talking about a topic in which they too have a lot of interest. Like you are talking about a girl, then you are talking about food. So a glow will come out in their eyes. Look closely for the Cygnus.

Like when you are talking to a girl, talk about different types of things. And look in their eyes when that glow is coming out.

Like when he says something, take a solution from him and ask him something that you can cook this food, man it would be very difficult to cook. She will just start telling you about it.

You have to take very good care of it - do not stick more than that, keep a distance from it. Keep your body very strong, do not move too much, and just keep looking in his eyes, do not stare at him.

4. Shivering Strength -

It means strength, help of another. This is not a trick, it really should be in you.

Tip 1. Posture - Keep Your Back Strat. Show Strong Body Language.

If someone is talking to you then you should rotate the whole body towards it. You do not have to hide anything from the front, otherwise you should move the whole body towards it.

Don't Just Turn Your Head - Turn Your Whole Body Towards Them.

That is, if you do not have the strength in him - then you should talk to him well - If you are wearing a very expensive suit, then you should do it if you do not have good clothes. Should hand shake with him.

( What is Love )

And a girl will notice all this.

5. Depth without getting personal -

Talk about someone from outside, but not from outside.

Like - How many boyfriends do you have? How much is your salary? Have you done that to someone?

You do not have to ask such questions.

About their mantle strength - which job do you mean? Are you happy with that?

If you feel that this girl does not want to talk about this thing, then immediately change that topic.

6. Exposing Your Hobbs -

Friends, today's dating world is not made only on dates. Do girls know what they look like?

Every girl girl checks your social media status. Your Facebook status, and your Instagram scans.

What you need to do is write your hobbies on your social media account.

If any girl knows that you like cooking or playing sports or gym, then she will feel that yes this boy is different.

So you do not have to make all these hobbies but keep 1 or 2 things in the hobby room.

Last Trick -

7. Alva's Keep Learning -

Keep learning, about communication skills, about personality development.

Always keep learning something, and keep yourself updated.

Now we pause this post. Stay tuned with LoveLessons.Club and keep reading our posts and follow us here too and on our @lovelesson.club social media handle.

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