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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Be a strong women for your family .In this article you have to see about a women and girls thought and feelings .What's problem female are facing ? What a girl think and what a women think .Let's talk about a girl women feelings motivations and many more things about female.

“Be a strong women,So your daughter will have a role model and son know what to look for in a women when he is a man.”

If you are strong then your daughter always will .And son think about every women .Son know what to look for in a any women when he is adult .

Sad Women Quotes -When a women in a wrong relationship.

When a women cheats in any relationship now whether it is love affair or marital relationship . Then she start hating the whole world . It is not that he tried the whole world.The reason for that is ,she is the one who mamkes the connection, She only asks for her world.

When a women cheats in any relationship she was broken . In these mean does't about to hate everyone because she scared about again broking . Womens always connect everyone but they does not mean to in a relationship because there heart is very soft and loving .

strong women quotes
Nothing heart more then Seeing tears in our mom eyes.

When we see tars in my mom eyes this is a heartless feeling .I never want to see this . Every boy and girl did not want tears in her/his mom eyes.

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