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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

People in the same country are forgetting the art of love dialogue and seduction.

Simon Raven, an English writer whose he had said that sex is an over rated sensation that lasts for 10 seconds.

He used to ask that someone should take consent to translate the erotic science of ancient India.

I posed this question with Dr. Seema Anand, the author of the famous book The Art of Second, and asked if she agreed with this expression of Seaman Rayman.

Not at all, what we think has changed like this.

My wish is - how easily we are coming and seeing these cents and we are being taught.

This is a very bad thing.

Nobody talks about sex. Nobody says ki. It can be so much fun.

It is said that there is a lot of difference in a woman as a lover. At the source of their sexuality, there is a difference of land and soul.

Vatsyayana says that there is a lot of difference between a woman and a man.

Man is like fire. They start burning very easily and soon become frosty.

Women are like water, their desire comes out slowly through their mind, let their desire emerge and let it flow like water. As a woman emerges, it is too late for her to sit.

If we pay more attention to this, then both men and women are very different from each other. Why his design never matches.

Mr. Prakash Kothari, a damp-witted sexologist from India who has done a lot of research on sex.

They have explained the difference between man and woman in a very good way.

Man loves to get sex and woman has sex to get love.

Seema Anand says very heartily that in order to make the female-male relationship fresh and exciting, it is necessary to fight with each other.

In Kamasutra, Vatsyayan has said that - It is the desire of a woman to celebrate and the man's ability to keep a woman happy.

Fight between Wife & Husband for Love

This fight should take place when there is a lot of love in a man and woman. Where is their fight in this, open their hearts, shout and shout and break their jewels, but let the man correct it.

A woman can fight, but cannot go outside the house for what she wants.

If we listen to Kamasutra, there is a secret language to request love. And Ijhare Ishq is not done by tongue.

Whatever you are, you have run your very good business and talk very well. You have learned your sedative, but if you do not know some of your secret language, then it is all useless. These language are so secret that you can convert any language with each other and no word is used in it.

If you see your gf/bf side of the road -Body Language

If you are in a fair and your girlfriend is seen on the other side of the road, then if you have a hand on the top of the ear first, then how do you mean that if it is caught on the bottom of the ear then it means that you see it Kar is very happy.

If he has put his hand on his heart and has fixed his mind, then it means I am tired of thinking about you.

In what way she will say what she talks about, it is very important to go without saying anything.

Now let's talk - both the body has many such stimulating pulse to excite the man and the woman.

What is more stimulating than all this is the brain in our body.

Kiss your Partner (How to Kiss)

Despite all these, if you correct your partner only once a day, which is the kiss which is more than 10 seconds.

Normally people try their partner for 2 or 3 seconds, they think that it is very important to have a better 10 seconds on the bus.

This allows your partner to maintain a connection between Bharosha and each other.

Legs also have a very important role in female-male physical relationships.

Seema Anand believes that in the art of plucking, women should focus more on looking after their feet than on their face.

All our pulse is connected to our feet. If you want to woo someone, then you should pay attention to your feet as well. When you sit, remove the sandal from your foot and keep them clean. Shake a little here and there. Many people pay more attention to their face, they leave their feet in the same way on face. As his torn ankles appear. Cracked heels do not recognize anything good on a person's brain...

Now let's talk about food also has a very important contribution in seduction.

It is very important to know how to eat food.

How to eat - During sex time .

Eating in sex is also very important - how to eat food, what to eat and how to eat. It is important to know about it as if we eat more food then our body has to work harder to digest it.

When the lover feeds his girlfriend - The lover loves it by breaking the piece of food with his hands, the girlfriend loves it and it is very artisan to connect the two.


Therefore, when we have sex with our partner, it is very important to keep all these things in sight.

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