How to become Successful and Rich in life and 40 Tips to get rich.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

If you want to successful in your life then start doing this work -We will provide some tips for getting you reach under 30 year age .Everyone have our life and our freedom so don't waste your time and don't waste your money for buying liability.

Today we are talking about rich and wealthy life So ,You have to know abut some important lesson.

40 steps anyone can take to become rich and successful

40 Tips to get rich and successful in life (40 steps anyone can take and become successful and Rich.

  1. Drop out of engineering

  2. Read one book a week .

  3. Do 10 push-ups a day.

  4. Don't spent to much time thinking about your crush (He/She will get married to someone else and have kids and become fat )HA ha Ha...

  5. Wear a helmet while riding a bike .

  6. Don't spent much on clothing.

  7. Don't compare yourself with 30 year old people .

  8. Start investing in the stock market- as low as 50 $.

  9. Save 10% of earning for emergencies.

  10. Have a strong sense of ethics.

  11. Take daily multivitamins.

  12. Cut down on sugar intake.

  13. Do fully-body health checkup every year .

  14. Fast one day in a week.

  15. Start a blog and start writing one post a week.

  16. Don't hesitate to invest money in courses.

  17. Cut off toxic friends (even if it means becoming lonely)

  18. Don't feel jealous of friends who go to other countries for jobs and studies .

  19. Don't think about getting married until 30.

  20. Don't buy a fucking fancy car.

  21. Don't buy a flat .

  22. Never ever get into debt .

  23. Don't waste time playing computer games (expect strategy games)

  24. Don't fall for making money in the short term.

  25. Get a pet Dog .

  26. Meditate 20 minute a day.

  27. Don't watch porn,ever.and keep your hands tied.

  28. Don't gossip about other people .

  29. Hold your tongue when angry ,never last out one people .

  30. Don't get into fights with random people .

  31. Travel solo.

  32. Keep moving cities (Never Settle)

  33. Never let anyone disrespect you.

  34. Keep up resolutions and commitments to yourself and respect yourself.

  35. Be punctual,it's sign or respect.

  36. Publish one book a year .Write one chapter a month.

  37. Invest in workshops.

  38. Don't go to theaters and spend 200 on shitty popcorn.

  39. Never ask for permission from parents,teachers or anyone.ASK FOR FORGIVENESS.

  40. Learn economics and how debt creates money.

If You want to be successful in life the follow our article -

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  2. Goals Setting

When you read both carefully you are ready to get successful and rich.

All the Very Best.

You have to take action and get #successful and #rich under 30 year age .

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