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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

How do you achieve your destination by setting the goal and walking on the same path. Many such questions will arise in your mind,What is a goal, you cannot achieve your goal without setting a goal, I am saying this with a claim.

If you want to become successful in your life, then you have to set goals, you can never be successful without setting goals. Man, you must set your goal and run after the goal. In this period of 2020, everyone wants to be happy and successful in their life. So the basic mantra is goal setting.

What is a goal?

  • How to set it?

  • How does it work?

  • How to make a balanced goal?

  • What should the goal be like?

  • How to know if the goal is meaningless?

  • Why don't most people make their goals?

How do you achieve your destination by setting the goal and walking on the same path. Many such questions will arise in your mind. So let's know how to set your goal and how to adopt strategy to achieve the goal.

Goal Setting Story-

Once a Guru took his cops to hunt them in the forest. He told his first police that he is a bird, when he aimed, then the Guru asked him what do you see?

So he replied that we are seeing tree bird and bird's eye and tree branch.

Then he asked the 2nd disciple, what do you see, then he replied that all I can see is the eye of the bird. Then asked him to aim - he planted it and went straight into the bird's eye.

So it shows how important it is to determine the goal, then you can get a good mark means success.

The extent of desires rests on the foundation of these things when your mind -

  • Direction

  • Dedication

  • Determination

  • Discipline

  • Deadlines

Which distinguishes between desire and goal.

Goals are dreams with which time limits and action plans are associated.

The Miracle Morning Book -A Inspirational Story & Set your Goal

Goals should be smart -

  • S. Specific - Example: I want to lose weight. This is just hope, this goal is made when we say that I want to lose 10 KG in 90 days.

  • M. Measurable - Measuring is the achievement of a goal. If we cannot measure any goal then we cannot achieve it.

  • A. Achievable - This means that if it is challenging, then it is not impossible. Because the impossible goal will disappoint us.

  • R. Realistic - If one wants to lose 50 kg of weight in 30 days, then it is totally unrealistic.

  • T. Time Bond - There should be a definite limit to the beginning and end of the work.

Goals should be balanced, our life is like a wheel with 6 tilis.

  1. Family = In which the first spleen is our family. It means whatever I am and whatever I do, I am and will only do it because of my family.

  2. Financial = Our career and things that can be bought with money.

  3. Physical = Our health without which nothing means anything.

  4. Mental = Our knowledge and our intelligence.

  5. Social = Every person has some social and family responsibilities that must be fulfilled or else our society starts to break down.

  6. Spiritual = Our spirituality reflects our character and morality.

If any of these spleen slips from its place, the balance of our life staggers. Take some time and think about how our life will be if one of these pillars is dropped.

Now we move to the meaningless Goal. So far we have seen a meaningful goal, but now we know the meaningless goal, then let's see.

A dog of Farmer sits on the side of the road and devours the trains. So one day his neighbor asked him if your dog could catch a car. So that farmer replied that it is not necessary that he will get hold of it, it is necessary that what he will do after catching it.

So many people keep running after the goal and they don't know anything about it.

Now let's talk about why most people don't make their goals?

Why don't More People Set Goal-

  1. Pessimistic view - Look at the obstacles in the way of possibilities.

  2. Rate of Failure - If you are unable to think about what will happen.

  3. Fear of Success - Underestimate yourself.

  4. Lack of Ambition - Whenever he caught a big fish, he threw it again in the water and kept it when he caught the small fish. So one day when a man saw him doing this, he asked him why do you do this, then he replied that I have a small embroidery.

  5. Many people move around with small embroidery like that fisherman. It is ugly.

  6. Rate of Rejection - What will people say when I do not succeed?

  7. Respect for a poor record - Many people worry about their honor that I do this.

  8. Don't underestimate the importance of the goal.

  9. Not knowing how to set goals - People do not know how to achieve the goal, they just need a guide everywhere in which they can walk without being made.

In this way, we have learned how to achieve the goal, along with that we have also learned that why people do not achieve their goals and why people do not make goals.

What will you do now? You, like others, will live without aim or achieve the goal. And you will set goals to succeed in your life.

Conclusion :

I think you understand this ,Why setting goal is important ? and How it is work ?

I think we are know all about goal setting .We are discuss all about the topic about goal please read carefully .Follow these steps and create goal and get success .Success is everything ,if you have a success then you have all .

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